Highs and Lows at the World Championships in St. Moritz

Highs and Lows at the World Championships in St. Moritz

The alpine World Championships are currently taking place in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The amount of people attending the races is unbelievable! There have been a lot of surprises and disappointments like on Saturday 11th February when 50,000 people made their way to St. Moritz only to find out that the men's Downhill had to be cancelled due to partial fog on the course.


The Swiss team had a tough start to the Championships after Lara Gut injured herself in Training shortly after the first race and now looks to be out for a long period of time. It wasn't going to be easy to replace Lara Gut but the Swiss women surprised in the Alpine Combined with Wendy Holdener finishing first and Michelle Gisin second.


On the men's side there have also been many surprises. First of all the Canadians surprised everyone in the men's Super G with Erik Guay finishing first and Manuel Osborne-Paradis in third. The results mean a lot to the Canadian team as finances and sponsors have always been hard find. The Canadian team coach even said that Alpine Skiing is ranked 13th amongst winter sports in Canada!


The Swiss men brought on another surprise in the Alpine Combined. After finishing 30th in the Downhill, Luca Aerni produced a slalom run of a life time to finish first infront of Marcel Hirscher and Mauro Caviezel.


Other surprises worth mentioning:

- Lindsey Vonn won bronze in the Womens' Downhill after a long injury absence.

- Sarah Schleper won bronze for Mexico in the women's Giant Slalom. She came out of retirement in 2014 and chose to race for Mexico instead of the United States.


We look forward to the rest of the Championships and we hope to bring you more news as soon as possible. See below for more up-to-date results:


Ladies' Super G 07.02.

1. Nicole Schmidhofer

2. Tina Weirather

3. Lara Gut


Men's Super G 8.02.

1. Erik Guay

2. Kjetil Jansrud

3. Manuel Osborne-Paradis


Ladies' Alpine Combined 10.02.

1. Wendy Holdener

2. Michelle Gisin

3. Michaela Kirchgasser


Men's Downhill 12.02.

1. Beat Feuz

2. Erik Guay

3. Max Franz


Ladies' Downhill 12.02.

1.Ilka Stuhec

2. Stephanie Venier

3. Lindsey Vonn


Men's Alpine Combined 13.02.

1. Luca Aerni

2. Marcel Hirscher

3. Mauro Caviezel


Ladies' Giant Slalom 13.02.

1. Maria Shkanova

2. Lelde Gasuna

3. Sarah Schleper