Federer beats "Best Friend" Wawrinka

Federer beats "Best Friend" Wawrinka

Roger Federer (ATP 10) won the Swiss final against Stan Wawrinka (ATP 3) at the ATP-1000 tournament in Indian Wells with 6:4 and 7:5. Federer has now won the tournement five times.


One should feel sorry for Wawrinka. He fought his way into the final in Indian Wells to have a chance at winning the tournement for first time. However, when the time came, bad luck followed.


The referee had a part to play in this as he ruled out a break point with a wrong dicision. On the other side, there was Roger Federer who found himself in fine form. Wawrinka may be in his prime at the age of 32 but his 35 year old friend is in the form of his life.

It was very understandable when he directed his post match interview at Federer, using the word "asshole" to describe him. The reason was clear as Federer had once again stood in Wawrinka's way. The words from Wawrinka show how well the two understand each other. One can only use such statements amongst real friends and one could see that Wawrinka was genuinly happy for Federer.


Federer's rise to form can help Wawrinka. He can use Federer as motivation as he is witnessing brilliant performances from his compatriot at the age of 35. Wawrinka knows that also he has many good years ahead of him.