Daniel Ricciardo destroyed a caravan in the Netherlands as a Red Bull promotional stunt ended in carnage.


Ricciardo and Formula One teammate Max Verstappen drove Red Ball-stamped Aston Martins with caravans attached around a track in Zandvoort. The Aussie driver thoroughly destroyed his, swerving across the track before the caravan crashed into grass and smashed into pieces. Debris, including the toilet, went flying with Verstappen left to swerve around the mayhem.


“It was fun. We did one lap just waving to the crowd, looking like good people. Then on the second lap, we didn’t. He lost a wheel (last year). I lost my toilet. We lost a lot of things out there, but our dignity remains.”


The pair raced each other with caravans attached to cars last year, too, with Verstappen losing his wheel in the 2017 race. The events are all about publicity for Red Bull and are clearly popular, with uploads of last year’s "race" on YouTube attracting more than one million viewers.


Attention on the Formula One circuit has already turned to Monaco, which stages the sixth event of the 2018 season on Sunday. Ricciardo, who sits fifth in the driver standings on 47 points, finished third at the race last year after famously finishing second in 2016 when a pit crew stuff up gifted the race the Lewis Hamilton. He is hopeful of another podium finish at the Grand Prix known for its street circuit and tight corners. “I love Monaco. It’s a fun one,” he said in Zandvoort. “Always our car is pretty good around that circuit. I think, you know, this year the car is a bit stronger than last year. So I expect good things.”