The following article contains discussions about suicide, which some readers may find disturbing. If you have been affected by the topics raised in this article, please find materials and information that may support you as part of our Mental Health tool kit. Vuyo Mere (38) is currently the longest-serving player in the South African Premier Soccer League He played internationally at all age levels and debuted for Bafana in 2006 The first time Vuyo was released from a club led to huge mental struggles “I played my first game in the PSL when I was 17 for a club called Hellenic. From...


Russian ice hockey squad members should definitely take part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, despite the fact that they will have to compete under the neutral flag, national team member Ilya Kovalchuk said on Tuesday.   "We should definitely go to the Olympics, if we refuse it means that we have given up. We all understand perfectly well that the IOC decision was purely political, and we understand whom those measures target. In fact, it was clear that the decision will be like that. But if athletes go there, it will draw the country together," Kovalchuk said. All clear...




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